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An Overview of SSI Denial Management.
SSI Denial Management is the perfect solution to managing your denial rates and maximizing your facility's revenue cycle efficiency.

An Overview of SSI Analytics.
SSI Analytics is designed to provide a complete view of the revenue cycle -- from single, mid-sized hospitals to hundred-facility nationwide systems.

An Overview of Contract Management.
Your facility may be losing valuable revenue every day, due to unidentified underpayments from your payer contracts.

9 Contract Management Tips.
Simple steps to effectively manage revolving payer contracts at your facility

Workers' Compensation eBill Solution.
SSI Attachment Processing System (APS): Removing the Uncertainty in Processing Workers' Compensation Claims

Understanding Data... Without a Math Degree.
Ultimately, it is best to make objective decisions based on quantitative data; otherwise, decisions end up being made by the top man in the room.

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